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aquaculture special feature - cr mirror
"Salmon Farming in bc"

A look inside Salmon Farming in British Columbia; a fresh perspective on a local  industry that provides sustainable fish for global markets.

Salmon Farming in BC a Campbell River Mirror Special Feature Dec 2017

Aboriginal Aquaculture in Canada Initiative 2017-18

The Aboriginal Aquaculture in Canada Initiative (AACI) has $650,000 available Nationally in 2017-18 to support eligible Aboriginal Aquaculture activities and projects that contribute to the development of Aboriginal aquaculture in Canada.

Through the AACI Project Funding, funds will be made available, via a nationally competitive process, to support the development of Aboriginal aquaculture development in Canada.

Deadline for Proposal Submission for 2017-18: Friday June 2nd, 2017.

Contact the Aboriginal Aquaculture Association for more details (250) 286-9939 or email us

AACI Program Description

AACI Call for Proposals

AACI Project Funding Application Guide

AACI Project Evaluation Form

aquaculture business opportunities

Haida Gwaii Scallop Aquaculture Lease

A unique opportunity to enter into a lease agreement for a licensed shellfish tenure located in Haida Gwaii. The Skidegate Band owned Gwaalagaa Naay Corporation is seeking Expressions of Interest in forming a business partnership to cultivate/harvest and market shellfish under a 48 hectare scallop farm lease located in the very productive waters of Kagan Bay in Skidegate Inlet to qualified individuals or organizations. Have a look at the specifics here. Email Lin Armstrong, CEO - Gwaalagaa Naay Corp, for further information at: gncorp1@gmail.com

Information packages are available at GNC #3 Raven Center, 888 Highway 16 Skidegate, Haida Gwaii, BC, V0T 1S0 and will be mailed on request. All applicants must review information package.  Deadline for submissions is October 16th, 2017.

BC Rural Dividend Fund Call for Proposals 2017

The BC Rural Dividend Fund is targeting the following four categories:

  • Community capacity building
  • Workforce development
  • Community and economic development and
  • Business sector development.

First Nations are encouraged to apply to the third intake of the BC Rural Dividend program which opens April 3, 2017 and closes on May 31, 2017.

Downloadable application forms, a revised program guide, as well as detailed instructions on how to apply will be available as of March 31, 2017, at the BC Rural Dividend website: http://www.gov.bc.ca/ruraldividend

Learn More:

BC Rural Dividend: www.gov.bc.ca/ruraldividend

Rural Advisory Council: http://ow.ly/NFhU301MfRv
BC Rural Economic Development Strategy: https://bcjobsplan.gov.bc.ca/b-c-s-rural-economic-development-strategy/

Aboriginal Aquaculture in Canada Initiative Project Funds

The National Indigenous Fisheries & Aquaculture Forum

May 15 - 18, 2017 - Membertou, Nova Scotia

CCFAM Aquaculture Strategy

The Canadian Council of Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministers (CCFAM) released the Aquaculture Development Strategy 2016-2019 this summer.  The CCFAM recognizes the value and economic contribution of the aquaculture industry particularly to Canadian rural and coastal communities and Indigenous nations and Canada's potential for increased aquaculture production that also ensures sustainable aquatic ecosystems for the future.  

To support continued growth in aquaculture production that is environmentally, socially and economically sustainable, federal, provincial and Yukon governments established the CCFAM Aquaculture Development Strategy to set out a collaborative three-year plan designed to achieve strategic outcomes.  

Follow the link to strategy.  


Standing Senate Committee Report

The Standing Senate Committee on Fisheries and Oceans tabled its three-volume report on aquaculture. In its report, the Committee outlines 10 recommendations covering five main themes: legislative and regulatory framework; healthy aquacultured fish; healthy and productive ecosystems; research and development; and, social license and public reporting. 
During the study, the Committee sat for 66 hours, held 34 public hearings, heard the views of 138 witnesses, and received hundreds of written submissions and other documentation. Senators also visited 23 Canadian regions in six provinces.
Reports are available here.

February 2016 Newsletter

Friday, 2016-02-05

The AAA is pleased to release our February 2016 newsletter. Please see the the link for full newsletter.

February 2016 Newsletter

Economic Opportunities for Aboriginal Aquaculture in Canada

Thursday, 2015-11-12

The DFO commissioned report Economic Opportunities for Aboriginal Aquaculture in Canada, updates an earlier version commissioned by the AAA.  The report notes that there is a great deal of potential for aquaculture growth in BC over the next 5-10 years, with First Nations share of the growth is estimated to reach 40%. 

Economic Opportunities for Aboriginal Aquaculture in Canada -pdf

We've Moved!

Effective immediately, the AAA has a new office location. While our mailing address remains the same, our offices are now located at the new We Wai Kum First Nation office building.

Our new physical address is 1650 Old Spit Road, Campbell River, BC.

AAA Multi-Year Licence Workshop

Wed, 2015-04-29

On March 31, 2015, the AAA hosted an an information meeting with First Nations who are either engaged in or interested in the pursuit of aquaculture in their respective territories. The purpose of the meeting was to respond to the letter dated January 13, 2015 from Diana Trager, Director of Aquaculture Management Division.  During the meeting, input was provided from participants and AAA included these inputs into a report that was submitted to DFO. Please click the links below to view the briefing documents provided at the workshop, as well as the report that was submitted to DFO.

Workshop Briefing Document - Conditions of Licence for Shellfish

Workshop Briefing Document - Proposed Multi-Year Licences

Multi-Year Licence Report

AANDC Tutorial Video

Fri, 2015-01-09

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) have created a step-by-step tutorial video on how to register your business in the Aboriginal Business Directory.

Video link

The Aboriginal Aquaculture in Canada Initiative (AACI)

Thu, 2013-12-12

The Aboriginal Aquaculture in Canada Initiative is a new program that supports Aboriginal economic development in the Canadian aquaculture sector.



Aboriginal Principles for Sustainable Aquaculture

Wed, 2013-05-01

Aboriginal Principles for Sustainable Aquaculture. View the Aboriginal Principles for Sustainable Aquaculture PDF here.