National Aquaculture Strategic Action Plan (NASAPI)

In 2010, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), in partnership with other federal departments and agencies and the Provincial and Territorial members of the Canadian Council of Fisheries and Aquaculture Ministers - Aquaculture Task Group, launched a coherent and coordinated effort to advance socially and environmentally sustainable aquaculture development in Canada.

The National Aquaculture Strategic Action Plan Initiative (NASAPI) was developed through extensive discussions with federal and provincial / territorial governments, industry, fish feed suppliers, First Nations and other Aboriginal groups, non-government organizations, academia, and other stakeholders and resource users. It includes five Strategic Action Plans (east coast marine finfish, west coast marine finfish, east coast shellfish, west coast shellfish, and freshwater) that set out specific steps to advance regional aquaculture development.  NASAPI presents a roadmap that charts a path toward a more environmentally, socially and economicallysustainable aquaculture sector in Canada. It is not a binding document nor is it the final word on aquaculture in Canada; rather it is a starting point for the long-term and sustainable development of this important sector.

Canada has considerable untapped potential in aquaculture. The National Aquaculture Strategic Action Plan (NASAPI) was developed to help Canada realize that potential in an environmentally responsible way.

Strategic Action Plan 2011–2015