The AAA is a National not for profit corporation established in 2003 to facilitate meaningful participation of Aboriginal communities and Aboriginal entrepreneurs in the aquaculture sector.

Aboriginal Aquaculture Association is a sectoral organization designed to assist, support and facilitate the meaningful participation of First Nations in sustainable aquaculture development.

It serves as a resource body providing guidance and advice with respect to sustainable aquaculture development, regulation and management of aquaculture.

It believes that aquaculture development has the potential to play a major role in the diversification and strengthening of the local and regional economies of First Nations.

Aboriginal groups across Canada have developed aquaculture business ventures and partnerships. This has resulted in new job creation and skills development. This has increased the wealth and prosperity in the rural and coastal communities providing both social and economic benefits.

Aboriginal communities are in a unique position to benefit from sustainable aquaculture development due to their aquatic resources, rights and access to aquaculture development sites.

Our Vision:

First Nations will play a key role in the development and management of a healthy and sustainable aquaculture sector.

Our Mission:

To promote and assist the development of First Nation's aquaculture that respects and supports First Nation communities, culture and values.

AAA's Guiding Principles

The basic principles by which First Nations are guided throughout the development and
implementation of their aquaculture business ventures are:

1.         Respect for each First Nation's autonomy.

2.        Enhance economic development opportunities for each First Nation.

3.         Implement shared decision-making and co-operative management of resources
            between each First Nation and government.

4.         Ensure that First Nations realize the benefits from a sustainable aquaculture industry and,

5.         Promote both socioeconomic and environmental sustainability.

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Our Team

The Aboriginal Aquaculture Association team members are:

Richard Harry
President/Executive Director

Ms. Marguerite Parker
Director of Development

Daniel Rabu
Aquaculture Business Technical Expert
Shellfish & Marine Plants

Odd Grydeland
Aquaculture Business Technical Expert