An increasing number of Aboriginal communities and entrepreneurs want to explore economic development opportunities in the aquaculture sector.

Aboriginal communities are in a unique position to benefit from sustainable aquaculture development due to their aquatic resources, rights and special access to aquaculture development sites.

More than 50 Aboriginal groups across Canada have developed aquaculture business ventures and partnerships. This has resulted in new job creation and skills development. This has increased the wealth and prosperity in the rural and coastal communities providing both social and economic benefits.


The AAA is able to provide business and technical services to Aboriginal communities and entrepreneurs interested in developing sustainable aquaculture business ventures. Includes support with planning, development and implementation of economic development opportunities in the aquaculture sector.

Services We Provide

The AAA provides support with planning, development and implementation of economic development opportunities in the aquaculture sector.


  • Identification of Opportunities
    - New or expanded commercial production: shellfish, finfish, marine plants and freshwater
    - Development and operation of businesses in the aquaculture supply and services sector.
  • Planning, feasibility analysis and preparation of business development plans.
  • Identify new innovations, approaches and best practices.
  • Implementation of Business Plans.
  • Identify and facilitate partnership and joint venture opportunities.
  • Advisory services and support.
  • Linkages to government, industry, academia and non-government organizations bringing
    additional expertise to the initiative.

Contact us for further information or to discuss your interest in aquaculture development.

Aboriginal Aquatic Resources & Oceans Management Program (AAROM)

Following the success of the Aboriginal Aquaculture in Canada Initiatives (AACI) and the growing interest in aquaculture development the AAA has received 2018-2019 funding as part of the Fisheries and Ocean’s Canada Aboriginal Aquatic and Oceans Management Program (AAROM) to support delivery of technical and advisory services.  

Aquaculture Information workshops will be offered to throughout the year in various regions of the province. 

Services - the AAA can provide First Nation Communities, First Nation organizations and Aboriginal entrepreneurs with advisory and technical services in DFO Pacific Region.  

Technical and advisory services include: 

֎  Identifying Opportunities           
      New farm sites; siting & planning, new or expanded production for Shellfish, Finfish, Crustaceans, Marine Plants, in Saltwater
       or Freshwater.

֎  Identifying & Implementing
       New innovations in gear, approaches to grow-out systems and best practices.

֎  Technical Advisory & Support
       Installation, operational and oversight consultation to aquaculture enterprises.

֎  Information, Training & Education
      Community aquaculture workshops. "In the field" training and support.

֎  Government Regulations and Referrals
       Provide support on rules, regulations and government aquaculture policy.  Advocacy on behalf of First Nations and  
       Aboriginal Entrepreneurs.

֎  Certification & Partnerships
     Aboriginal Principles for Sustainable Aquaculture, market access.

֎  Participation in local Career Fairs

Who Qualifies?

Aboriginal communities, Aboriginal Entreprises and Aboriginal Entrepreneurs in British Columbia qualify.

For more information contact the AAA (250) 286-9939 or email us at: